LDD . 14 de Diciembre



Eek A Mouse – Terrorists in the Sheety (Green Lion Remix 2012)
Eek A Mouse – Terrorists in the Street
Roger Robin – Justice
Stevie Face – One night stand
Gappy Ranks – School days
Lady G – Nuh dead
Johnny Clarke – True Believer in love
Richie Stephens – True believer
Dennis Brown – Tribulation
Dada Yute – Black woman
Tippa Irie – Righteous way
Mr. Williams – Where the man come from
Patric Andy – Cheer up
Trevor Junior – Hota fyah
Dr Ring Ding – Piping Hot
Dr Ring Ding – Mother of 4
Dr Ring Ding – Dancing With The Fat Man’s Lady
Dr Ring Ding & Doreen Shaffer – Don’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel)
La Muza – Mil Canciones
La Muza – Mi Bandera
La Muza – Una Vez Más
La Muza – Arriba
Pablo Molina – Extrañandote
Pablo Molina – Una Linda Apariencia
Pablo Molina – Sin Querer
Pablo Molina – Un Dia
Pablo Molina – Ojos
Pablo Molina – Saber
Pablo Molina – Huellas
Pablo Molina – Ven Corriendo
Pablo Molina – La Vida es Algo Serio
Pablo Molina – Si LLueve
Pablo Molina – Sol
Lee Perry – Jesus Perry
Tinga Stewart – Smiling Faces
Tinga Stewart And Hux Brown – Smiling Faces version
Tamlins – Baltimore
Horace Martin – Unity
Al Campbell – Push Push